Affordable convenience and comfort…


1921 Spohn Ave.

3 bedrooms / 2 bath
1282 sq ft

List price: 195,000


The Northside: A Short Play

Setting: Terry and Kris have their weekly coffee date at a downtown cafe.

Kris (discouraged): I’ll never find a house in Madison…

Terry (encouragingly): Sure you will!

Kris: “Not for under $200K…”

Terry opens a laptop, and types briefly.

Terry (looking at the screen): Seriously, you totally can.

Kris: I’m telling you, I’ve looked everywhere...nothing under $200K. I’m just going to give up…

Terry: What about this one? It’s under $200K.

Kris (unconvinced): Really, where?

Terry: On the northside.

Kris sadly crumbles a half-eaten--and a little dry--gluten-free orange raisin scone.

Kris: I bet it needs a lot of work.

Terry: Was built in 1993. Has a new front porch, new hardwood floors, most of the appliances are just a few years look great.

Kris (sadly): Probably tiny...

Terry: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, dining area….over 1200 sq ft.

Kris (intrigued, but still unconvinced): But I bet it’s like FAR a 30-40 minute commute by car.

Terry: Nope...10 minutes by car to the Capital, 20 by bike according to Google Maps, and like a 3 minute walk to the North Transfer Point, if you want to bus it.

Kris: Let me see that.

Terry turns the laptop towards Kris, who reads the listing, face brightening.

Kris: Huh...but isn’t the northside a little...boring?

Terry: Well, maybe...if you think it’s boring to be able to walk or bike to Ale Asylum, Bear & Bottle, Manna Cafe, Bierock, Northside Farmers Market, Mallard’s games--”

Kris: Okay, okay! You win! Is there an open house?

Terry: Saturday January 23 from 12-2.

Kris: Guess I better get my pre-approval letter ready!

Location, location, location…

Commuting daily? You’ll be a short drive to downtown, the far eastside, Sun Prairie, UW campus, or Madison College. Or take a short walk down to the North Transfer Point and take Madison Metro across the city. The Dane County Regional Airport is only a short drive as well!

You’ll be close to schools and shopping, with Sherman Middle School, Malcolm Shabazz High School, and the Willy St. Coop just blocks away. Or hop on your bike and head to The Duck Pond, Willy St. Coop North, Bierock, Ale Asylum, Manna Cafe, Bear and Bottle, Kavanaugh’s Esquire Club, Cafe la Bellitalia, Villa Tap, or Beef Butter BBQ.


New front porch 2019

New hardwood floors 2017/2018

Retiled bath 2015

Range/oven 2015

Dishwasher 2015

Microwave 2015