Top Notch Marketing

Regardless of current market conditions, every listing will not only generate more interest, but also sell higher & quicker with a cleverly crafted, customized & engaging marketing strategy. The level of engagement with your listing, both online & offline, will always affect your bottom line. 

The proof is in the pudding; according to the South Central Wisconsin MLS, our listings sold for 99% of their original list price last year while the average agent’s listing sold for 96.7%. 

Complimentary Staging, Every Time

We're big believers in staging, which is why we offer staging to every client, free of charge. 

  • According to US Housing and Urban Development, the average increase in sale price of a staged home vs. non-staged home is a whopping 17%! 

  •  The International Association of Home Staging Professionals performed a study including 7800 homes and found that, on average, staged homes spent 50% less time on market.

  • They've also concluded that the average home buyer forms an opinion of a property within 12 seconds.

How we're different


We spend more time getting to know your home & understanding your goals. After all, every home, Seller & situation is different!


You’ll get 1-3 estimated sale prices that correlate with various projects, staging options and/or time frames.

We craft your home’s story in a way
that makes it simply irresistible.

We’ll develop & execute the perfect marketing strategy for your home. We do not apply a "one size fits all" approach to our listings.

We’ll customize & optimize your listing
on multiple platforms.

Creating synergy around your home is key, which is why we promote our listings multiple times before they’re available for buyers & agents to view.

Click below to see how we make your home simply irresistible. 

Staging a vacant home

If your home is vacant, we can virtually stage your property. Here are a few examples of homes that we've staged virtually.