Glenwood Park, Dudgeon Monroe

Glenwood Children's Park sign in the Dudgeon Monroe neighborhood.On these chilly yet tolerable days of fall, I’m always looking for reasons to get out and enjoy our fine Madison neighborhoods before the temps take a nosedive. Some time ago I stumbled upon the hidden gem that is Glenwood Children's Park in the Dudgeon Monroe neighborhood. Discoveries like these always come in handy on those rare occasions that our family has a free day with no place to be. Camera in hand, we set out to enjoy a fantastic fall afternoon. Glenwood offers plenty of great photo ops as well as an endless amount of possibilities for crawling around in weird places, building forts and general goofing off.

It goes without saying that spots like these are few and far between in urban areas, making GlenwoodTree trunk carved into chair in Glenwood Children's Park. an attractive asset to the Dudgeon Monroe neighborhood and surrounding real estate. Not only does the park offer a peaceful place to contemplate the finer points of life, it also provides hours of creative outdoor play and exploration.

Growing up in the country, I spent countless hours playing in the woods. I would build forts and tree houses; find cool rocks, sticks and hiding spots; and, of course, make the occasional and important discovery of an animal bone, which was always exciting. It was refreshing to share that experience with my teenager and see her genuinely enjoy our time together in this urban forest.

Jessica exploring Glenwood Children's Park in Dudgeon Monroe neighborhood.If you're in the market for Madison real estate and enjoy walking to urban amenities, taking scenic bike rides, participating in water sports and/or letting yourself (or your kids) run loose in the forest, then you simply have to check out the Dudgeon Monroe neighborhood and Glenwood Children's Park. You won't be disappointed.

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