Madison’s Best Secret Art Show- NEXT WEEK

While the Madison quilt expo (held annually at the Alliant Energy Center) is clearly not a secret, you might be surprised to find such a wide array of captivating art in these quilts! Like myself, you definitely DO NOT need to be a quilt enthusiast to enjoy the show- with hundreds of quilts on display, I’m certain that nearly anyone can find plenty of awe-inspiring pieces.

I know what you’re thinking.. A) Never take suggestions from Jessica regarding things to do, and B) Isn’t the quilt expo for old ladies?? Well I’ll admit, I wasn’t exactly dying to go, but my grandma was riding the bus down to Madison with her quilting friends, and she really wanted me to join, so I dutifully obliged. Click through these gorgeous quilt contest photos here for photos of more quilts.)

Anyway, grams and I met at the expo on Thursday morning, and I was shocked to see what kind of turnout the quilt show garnered. The place was packed! As we approached the enclosed area with all of the “show quilts”, grandma asked if I had my camera. I’m thinking to myself, “ooookkkaaayyy grandma… I think I’m just fine with my two eyes. It’s quilts.”

Little did I know, quilts can be pretty dang amazing. I quickly found myself snapping more pics of the quilts than grandma! These quilts are true works of art, and cover a wide range in terms of style- you’ll find everything from traditional to bohemian, urban and mixed media. The level of detail and creativity put into each piece is truly astounding, I’ve got to think that many of these quilts have taken years to complete.

We probably spent an hour and a half admiring the quilts before lunch, and sadly, I had to get back to work, so there was even more that I did not get to see. Some of the quilters are local, but most are from across the country. It was a surprisingly neat show that I’ll definitely check out again, and if you like art, check it out for yourself, and let me know what you thought!

The next quilt show is September 6-8, 2018 at The Alliant Energy Center.

Living in the City of Parks & Playgrounds

Living in the City of Parks & Playgrounds

Parks (and if you have kids, playgrounds) are nice to have nearby. When thinking about where to live, it may not be on your ‘non-negotiable’ list, but over the long haul, it will probably affect your quality of life quite a bit.

Madison has more parks and playgrounds per person than any other city in the United States, by far. There is not a close runner-up. It is too rarely mentioned, in my opinion, as part of the ongoing conversation about why this is such a lovely place to live.

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