Curb Appeal: A Quick Primer

What does the outside of your home say about you? The front of your house is the first thing you see when you get home; it's your home's public face to the rest of the world and communicates something (intentionally or not) about the personality and style of your house and its occupants. How do you feel when you drive up and see it -- relaxed and welcomed? Or shabby and stressed?

Improving your home's curb appeal is important when you're trying to sell, because it so often creates a buyer's first impression; but more importantly, it can be helpful to you -- in creating a welcoming, well-tended space for you and your family. It doesn't have to take a lot of time or money, and yet the benefits can be enormous.

Below is one of our favorite examples of improving curb appeal on a budget -- notice the bright pops of color on the painted door and flower pots, the lush plantings, the unique house numbers, the updated light fixtures, and the added personality on the otherwise-basic mailbox:

cost-effective curb appeal

Here are few tips for improving your home's curb appeal -- so you can feel more at home from the minute you pull into the driveway...

  1. Whether you have a single day or a whole month, you'll find wonderful projects here from our friends at Better Homes and Gardens -- from sprucing up your entryway, to creating instant gardens, to making over your mailbox.
  2. These suggestions from This Old House help improve your curb appeal while tending to some of the outdoor repairs we often forget about during the winter -- like replacing rotten wood and cleaning the windows inside and out.
  3. This ideabook from Houzz is full of visual inspiration! We especially love the bright red accents and the reminder not to ignore side yards and other tucked-away spaces.
  4. Add to or improve your foundation plantings with these tips from Midwest Gardening (here are additional photos to inspire you, but be sure to avoid these seven deadly landscaping sins!).
  5. Get motivated by the DIY and budget-friendly curb appeal adventures of the folks over at Young House Love!

We'll be keeping you posted on some of our own curb appeal adventures this summer -- and if you decide to tackle your own home, let us know!