Pass the Zucchini: A Tiny Urban Farm

We're nearing that peak time of summer when backyard gardens are exploding in green. This is my favorite time of year (well, the warm half of the year, anyway), when "dinner" can consist of freshly grilled corn on the cob and slices of raw tomato, straight from the vine. Madisonians love our gardens. Our neighborhood, like a lot of communities across Madison, is home to an impressive number of backyard gardens. But what happens when the pace picks up and the zucchini and tomatoes and arugula are coming up faster than you can eat them?

Last week, our neighbors J & E came up with this solution -- a tiny, urban farm! Think the vegetable version of the lemonade stand:

Tiny Farm Stand

Adorable, right? I really love their motto:

Farm stand sign: Just Enough to Share

Now our neighbors have a fun and handy way to unload all the extra vegetables from their huge, overflowing garden -- but more than that, they've created a gathering spot, a place in the heart of our neighborhood where people walking with their dogs, kids, or spouses can stop a while and visit. It gives people pause and makes them smile. And it's both very simple and pretty ingenious.

What small, simple, everyday efforts in YOUR neighborhood make you proud to live there?