Energy Efficiency 101 -- You're Invited!

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This Saturday, March 1st, join ROOST Realty for a Brunch and Learn all about home energy efficiency. Enjoy tasty brunch treats from La Taguara -- and learn from one of Madison's top energy efficiency experts, Steve Pipson from TDS Custom Construction.

We asked to Steve to explain why energy efficiency is such an important thing for homeowners to think about. Read what he has to say -- and join us this Saturday for this free and fun event!

The Importance of Energy Assessments

by Steve Pipson

Energy efficiency assessments can improve home performance

Is your home uncomfortable? Is it cold, drafty, or uncomfortably hot? Do you have high energy bills, ice dams on your roof, peeling paint, or excessive dust?

Your home's performance can be dramatically improved with the help of something called an "energy assessment", which can solve all of the above problems, by improving the comfort, safety, durability, and energy efficiency of your home.

TDS Custom Construction offers Home Energy Assessments through a program called Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®. Simply put, a building analyst comes to your home and identifies improvements that are smart for you, your family, and the environment. 

Home performance improvements have instant results in multiple ways:

  • Added comfort: We determine insulation levels and find air sealing opportunities. We work to address air leaks, which allow warm, humid air to escape and draw in colder, dry air.
  • Added safety: We test combustion equipment such as water heaters, heating systems, and ovens. And we identify potential indoor air pollutants.
  • Better resale value and improved condition of your home: We help you eliminate drafty rooms, ice dams, window condensation, and peeling paint. this can decrease utility costs by as much as 20%, which makes your home more appealing to buyers.
  • Added durability: We help you get to the bottom of existing moisture issues and identify problems before they occur.
"My MG&E budget payment for the next six months dropped $22.00 per month. I have had a credit on my account for December and January, so no payments for those two months. That's a savings of $274.00 since the work was done! During this deep freeze, I upped the temperature in my house once and only for 2 degrees. I am very happy with the results. Thanks again!"
~Kris M. - TDS customer, whose energy assessment identified attic air sealing and insulation that needed to be done, sill box insulation, and the replacement of an unsafe water heater

How it Works:

Thermal imaging in a bathroom, detecting air flow and leakage points. Photo by Steve Pipson

  • The assessment usually last about 3-4 hours.
  • We begin by talking about areas of concern for the homeowner and reviewing what the assessment will cover.
  • The bulk of the assessment consist of collecting data about your home. This is completed through a blower door test to establish the leakiness of your home. We also use a thermal imaging camera to identify the air leakage locations and insulation levels in walls. This information will be used to identify recommendations for improvements.
  • The next step is a combustion safety test. This establishes whether your equipment can adequately remove the flue gases from the home, and determines if the equipment is burning correctly. All accessible gas pipes are inspected for gas leaks. If your home is heated by forced air, the ducts will be inspected for any major distribution issues.
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    We also test the home’s mechanical ventilation system(s), to identify whether the equipment is adequate to maintain good indoor air quality.

  • Finally, the home will be physically inspected from attic to basement, including the exterior, to look for areas that can be improved. This is not limited to insulation, as moisture intrusion is a major concern to the longevity of any home.
  • All findings from the Energy Assessment will be returned to the homeowner in a report. This will include recommendations to improve the home.

TDS Custom Construction can help homeowners secure available incentives to help offset some of the improvement costs, thanks to Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy efficiency program. All of our home energy assessments are performed according to national standards certified by the Building Performance Institute.

To learn more, please join us this Saturday for a Brunch and Learn with ROOST Realty and Steve Pipson!

 “Homeowners who participate in Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® live in cooler homes in the summer and warmer homes in the winter, and pay less for their utility bills. Plus, they are confident the work is completed by professionals with the knowledge and skills to address their homes' needs because Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Sponsors perform quality assurance checks on their contractors.”