News Flash: An Epic Opportunity?

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Innovative Business Growth Can Mean Exciting Things for Madison-Area Economy

The Isthmus recently asked: How far can Dane County ride Epic's success?

From the article, which posits that Verona's Epic Systems is positioning Dane County for "an economic breakthrough":

"Done right, we're talking about the foundation for Dane County's 21st-century economy being built on the medical software industry: lots of good-paying information technology jobs that fuel an expanding housing market, a glittering downtown with hip restaurants and music clubs, a rising tax base to fund new community services and a lot more resources to deal with the serious problems of poverty.

"Call it the 'Epiconomy.' Madison advertising executive Andy Wallman, who coined the name, should trademark it. 'Epiconomy' nails the fact that Epic now drives the Madison area's prosperity."

For a fascinating take on Epic's history and how this cutting-edge company is influencing the Madison area's future growth, check out Marc Eisen's thoroughly researched piece. It's a long read -- but we think it's an important one.