Small Ways to Feel Settled Fast

Last summer, we shared a few tips for how to feel "at home" more quickly in a new space. Well, a few weeks ago I visited some friends who had just moved into their new house -- as in, just a few days earlier. But you never would have known. Sure, they still had boxes to unpack, but thanks to a few well-placed details, the space already felt like "them". Before they finished unpacking, they took a few minutes to hang a few pictures on the walls (tip: you can use the nails or nail holes left behind by the previous owners, then reposition your art later once your furniture is in place), they displayed potted plants in the windows, and they put out a few small objects that added warmth and personality to their new house.

This was such a great example of how to quickly feel more settled in a new home, that I wanted to share it with you. Here are a few detail shots, so you can see what I mean:

how to feel at home when you've moved - add art to your walls or shelves


House plants add instant life to a new space and make it feel like home.


A small plant and decorative salt and pepper shakers on the window sill over the kitchen sink -- another nice and EASY little touch.


A bowl of fresh fruit can make a space feel welcoming.


Kitchen magnets can make your kitchen feel like home.