Buying a House: Madison WI Real Estate

  Buying a House - Outside SidewalkThinking about buying a house next year? If so, doing a little homework now will give you a huge advantage over your competition come spring (especially if you have a home to sell!) Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Make Your Wish List. What are your top 5 “Must Have’s”? What 5 things would you really like to have? This can be anything from physical features of the home, to it’s location or neighborhood “vibe”.

2. Take the Windshield Tour! Start driving past the homes that have caught your interest online. Better yet- get to know some new neighborhoods. If you’ve only lived lived on the east side, ask around or read up on west side neighborhoods. There are many wonderful places in the Madison metro area- why not discover something new before you commit to your next home?

3. Have a home to sell? Position yourself best by getting a professional opinion well before you list- read on here to understand why.

4. Are school districts on your mind? There are many more ways to get a feel for a certain school besides relying on websites. Ideas: connect with principals, teachers or volunteers at the actual schools, ask friends & family if they know any current or recent students of the school you’re curious about (and/or parents of students) that may be willing to share their first hand experiences, or get out and talk to people in the school district’s neighborhood. We’ve had many buyers glean great insight from people they bump into while walking their dogs or taking their kids to the park.Buying a House - Living Space

5. Select Your Realtor (aka Agent). If you choose to interview agents, you’ll definitely want a week or two for this process. Bring your questions along with your Wish List to your meetings. You may find someone great that you connect with instantly, but if you don’t, no sweat, ask the Realtor(s) that you are considering if they can show you a home or two outside of Procuring Cause guidelines. If they are agreeable, get it in writing.

6. Choose Your Lender. You may want to meet with a couple lenders to find out what products each one offers. You’ll most likely have a handful of loan options to choose from, so taking the time to fully compare and understand what each entails is crucial.

In today’s market, submitting a pre-approval letter with your offer can make or break your deal, so be sure to get your pre-approval early in the game. These are typically good for a few months, and can easily be extended. Having the pre-approval letter on hand early on will allow you to act swiftly once that perfect property hits the market. This is something your lender can provide you with for free.

Listing a home? Net more with Roost Realty! We’ll market your home with style, vision and boundless energy. Buying a house? Let us be your property matchmakers! We’ll get you in the community, lifestyle and home of your dreams – because we know a home is so much more than a house.