Home Projects You Shouldn’t DIY

If you’re preparing to sell your home, you’ve probably got a few projects to wrap up before listing. When chipping away at your list, know your limits. There’s nothing more frustrating to a seller than spending time & money to repair or improve something, only for a buyer to say, “But you shouldn’t have!”

Here are 5 projects that inexperienced homeowners tend to DIY, but are best left to the pros.

  1. Refinishing the deck. It seems nearly impossible for a homeowner to pull this off successfully. So many times the finish ends up warping, peeling or wearing off very quickly.

  2. Tiling. It takes practice and every little mistake shows.

  3. Trim & carpentry. Poor carpentry work can make a home feel shoddy.

  4. Refinishing floors. Wood floors can only be sanded a few times before they need to be replaced, so fixing an “oops” could cost a whole lot more if the floors have been refinished multiple times.

  5. Drywall. Poor taping, sanding, mudding, nail pops- these imperfections often stand out.

2 easy DIYS are patching & painting. But be careful- rushed jobs show. If you’re going to do it, take your time.

  • When patching, use the appropriate materials. Don’t forget to sand & texturize.

  • When painting, be careful to keep paint off the ceiling, use the right product for the surface you’re painting & the proper sheen for both the room & the surface.

Not sure what you need to do to before listing? Need a reliable pro for a project? Give us a shout- we're here to help.