How To Style A Vintage Bathroom

Vintage bathrooms, some love ‘em while most just see a big renovation project.

Before you write off a home for its outdated bathrooms (or start planning its demolition), try seeing it in a new light. There are so many ways to give a modern edge to retro bathroom. Plus, what better place than your bathroom to try out a daring, fun or bold decor?

For a few practical tips, visit Forbes’ “8 Ways To Spruce Up An Older Bathroom (Without Remodeling)“.

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Did you know..

Former first lady, Mamie Eisenhower started the pink bathroom craze of the 1950’s? Read more about Mamie’s pink obsession & why staff dubbed the White House the “Pink Palace”, along with 9 other fun facts at Save The Pink Bathrooms.

Need inspiration? Check out our 160+ favorite “Vintage Inspired + Retro Bathroom” pins below.

Do you have a vintage bathroom that you just don’t know what to do with? We would love to give you some pointers- get in touch!