Tricks To Creating A Cohesive Home

By neglecting to work with your home’s features, you may actually make it feel outdated, awkward, small or uninviting. If you want to sell your home quicker, for more money, OR you simply want to revamp your space, focus on creating cohesion.

Below are the the areas in which we see homeowners miss the mark when it comes to creating a cohesive home. While honoring your home’s built in beauty may require you to compromise a little on your color scheme, decor or renovations, your home will feel more put together if you follow these tips. 

Leverage your “built in” color palette. Identify the colors that work best with your home’s features, then use that palette to determine complementary wall & accessory colors. You’ll need to take the colors of your countertops, flooring, trim, cabinets, stone, tile, etc into consideration. Looking for some color guidance? Check out The Spruce

Honey Oak trim & cabinets. One home feature that homeowners really seem to struggle with is honey oak. It can be hard to blend, match or make feel current, but this post has some great suggestions if you don’t want to paint the wood.

Stone, brick or tile fireplaces. While we typically urge homeowners to choose colors that compliment their fireplace surrounds, we know that some homeowners will never love the brick, stone or tile, no matter what color they put on the walls. If you fall into that camp, don’t feel bad about painting it! Just make sure you’re following the proper procedure & using the right products for the job.

Wood paneling. Paneling can be beautiful when painted like this & it can even look great left au naturale, like this.  Sheet paneling is harder to work with in its natural state, but with a quality paint job, it can add character to a space- see?

 Scalloped trim & dated wood cabinets. A lot of people cringe at scalloped trim or outdated wood cabinets, but these features can be quite charming with the right color scheme & decor. You can either go with the era of these features (typically 40’s-60’s when it comes to scallops) or give them a fresh spin with the right color scheme & decor.

Brass light fixtures. Okay, it’s hard to make these look anything other than dated. If you don’t want to swap out your brass light fixtures, consider painting them.

Need inspiration? Check out Homemade Ginger’s amazing family room transformation. From 70’s brick, beams, brass AND panel bright, cheerful to modern & chic. 

Does your home have a feature that has you stumped? Are you trying to nail down the right color scheme to best showcase your home’s natural beauty? Trying to give you space some character while staying true to its era? Get in touch- we’re here to help!