What Does The Outside Of Your Home Say About You?

The front of your house is the first thing you see when you get home; it’s your home’s public face to the rest of the world & communicates something about the personality & style of your house & its occupants.  

Improving your home’s curb appeal makes pulling into your driveway a little more joyful. A welcoming, well-tended space creates an inviting & relaxing feel.

When selling, curb appeal is especially important, as first impressions can really set the tone for a showing.

Creating curb appeal doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money, yet the benefits can be enormous. Check out our Curb Appeal Pinterest board here or house number ideas here.

Here are 8 simple tips to transforming your home’s curb appeal:

1. Paint the front door. Be bold with your color choice! Painting the front door is easy & affordable, so if you don’t get the right shade the first time, it’s no biggie to do it over. High contrast always looks great.

2. Paint the steps, porch & patio. Whether it’s wood of concrete, a fresh coat of paint (again- something that contrasts your siding) always makes a huge improvement.

3. Change your house numbers. Etsy has loads of awesome decals that look handpainted. You could also make or buy a plaque or try an address planter.

4. Add some life! Whether you’re landscaping or adding planters, foliage is always your friend.

5. Get a new doormat if yours has seen better days.

6. Change out your broken, outdated or mismatched doorbell.

7. Update your light fixture & mailbox if needed. If you like what you’ve got, consider a coat of paint for a fresh look.

8. Got a plain Jane door? Add an ornate door knocker or wreath.

And a few of our favorite “how to’s”:

1. Whether you have a single day or a whole month, you’ll find plenty of ideas BHG’s Curb Appeal In A Day.  From sprucing up your entryway, to creating instant gardens, to making over your mailbox.

2. These suggestions from This Old House will help improve curb appeal while tending to some of the outdoor repairs we often forget about, or simply put off.

3. Add to, diversify or improve your foundation plantings. Plan for four season interest. Midwest Gardening offers up plenty of great tips too.

If decide to jazz up your curb appeal, we would love to hear about it. Likewise if you’ve got questions (like who to call for landscaping services, where the best places to buy plants are, or you need color combo suggestions) we’re here to help!