Statement Flooring For Commitment-Phobes

Love statement flooring, but hate the idea of committing to a total flooring redo? Try a vinyl floorcloth or Flor rug tiles. Here’s what we love, and why:

Vinyl floorcloths

The design options are endless. You can create your own or have one custom made.

They give instant character to your space.

You can try out a bold look without committing.

Endless vintage designs are sure to add character to homes both old & new.

Flor carpet tiles

Again, the design options are endless.

They’re made in the USA & from recycled materials.

If you get sick of your design, you can change it up by rearranging the tiles.

If you have a spill, you can remove the soiled tile & wash it in the sink!

Head over to our Pinterest board, Flor Carpet Tiles, for inspiration.