Top Notch Marketing

Regardless of current market conditions, every listing will not only generate more interest, but also sell higher & quicker with a cleverly crafted, customized & engaging marketing strategy. The level of engagement with your listing, both online & offline, will always affect your bottom line. 

The proof is in the pudding; according to the South Central Wisconsin MLS, our listings sold for 99% of their original list price last year while the average agent’s listing sold for 96.7%. 

Complimentary Staging

Discerning buyers expect a home that's polished, inside & out. A few staging facts:

  • According to US Housing and Urban Development, the average increase in sale price of a staged home vs. non-staged home is a whopping 17%! 

  •  The International Association of Home Staging Professionals performed a study including 7800 homes and found that, on average, staged homes spet 50% less time on market.

  • They've also concluded that the average home buyer forms an opinion of a property within 12 seconds.


How we do it


We spend more time getting to know your home & understanding your goals. 


You’ll get 1-3 estimated sale prices that correlate with various projects or staging suggestions.

We craft your home’s story in a way
that makes it simply irresistible.

We’ll develop & execute the perfect marketing plan strategy for your home.

We’ll customize & optimize your listing
on multiple platforms.

Creating synergy around your home is key, which is why we promote our listings multiple times before they’re available for buyers & agents to view.

Capturing your home’s essence through lifestyle marketing.

We capture and market the essence of your home by immersing ourselves in the amenities that your property and its location has to offer. Our innovative marketing allows us to push the prices of our listings higher. By tapping into the finer details of your home and neighborhood, we create an engaging and meaningful dialogue with agents and buyers. Your home is so much more than bedrooms, bathrooms & square feet; it has a story, and we bring it to life.