Simplify Your Space

Whether or not you’re planning a move, simplifying your space can be a cathartic experience. According to Marie Kondo, author of New York Times Best Seller, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, cleansing your space of excess stuff can lead to a healthier, clearer, more fulfilling life.

6 months after applying the “KonMari Method” to my own home, Here are my 3 biggest “Aha’s”.

Doing it all in one fell swoop is key. Prior to implementing Kondo’s system, I found myself spending time every so often organizing & getting rid of stuff, even though I wasn’t really bringing in a lot of new things. Doing one big purge allows you to stay organized for the long haul.

Be ruthless when deciding what to keep & what to let go. By getting rid of everything I didn’t absolutely love or need, my house has stayed much neater, which has been a huge time saver. There’s simply nothing left to create clutter with anymore.

This newfound simplicity makes my space feel calmer & happier. Guests have even commented that our home has a “great energy” & a peaceful ambiance.

I’m surrounded by things that are meaningful to me. Kondo is a big advocate for keeping only what sparks joy. Previously, my home decor was a testament to impulse buys and purchases I hadn’t put much thought into. Now, my home decor reflects who I am. There is less, but it is me.

If you’re interested in simplifying or creating a space that really resonates with you, pick up a copy of Marie Kondo’s highly rated book. Just don’t let yourself get hung up on the little things! While her overall system is fantastic, some of her beliefs can seem silly many, so they fail to give the method a chance. If you don’t want to “thank your socks” or fold your shirts the “KonMari” way, don’t do it! But don’t let those things deter you from an otherwise great system.