Should I Repair Defects Prior To Listing?

Are you getting ready to sell? Depending upon your house, repairs or improvements can sometimes increase your selling price and/or buyer pool.

When applicable, our recommended repairs & improvements are always included in the customized staging list we give our clients, but if you wish to get a head start on things, you would be wise to do so! Since contractors are extremely busy right now, getting on their books early is smart.

While nobody expects a perfect home, many buyers are looking for a place that allows them to move right in & chip away at projects at their leisure. If your home is in need of a large (or time sensitive) repair, you may be best off doing it prior to putting the home on the market.

If you know of existing issues regarding any of the following, you may wish to repair them now:

electrical issues, plumbing issues, foundation issues, fireplace issues or roof issues.

Often, buyers & their agents overestimate repair costs, which can come off of your bottom line. Since you’re required to disclose defects to prospective buyers, you may wind up losing money on your sale or losing buyers.

Do you need help determining what (if anything) your home needs, prior to listing? Do you have any other home selling questions? We're always here to help!