Anticipating What A Buyer Wants

Does your home have a feature that’s outdated, or specific to your tastes/needs, but not the general buyer’s? Is there an obvious quirk that buyers might not love? If so, get creative- how could someone use the space or feature differently?

I recently viewed a home that had been on the market several times yet hadn’t sold. While it was well located and featured many expensive finishes, it had some features that I knew were standing in the way of a sale.

For starters, it had 2 formal dining areas. Had the sellers reimagined the second dining area- perhaps as a playroom, office or study, I think more buyers could envision themselves utilizing the space. As it stands, though, that second room would probably feel like wasted space to many.

The home boasted many expensive, formal features, but they appeal to a fraction of the buyers shopping for that size & price of home. While it wasn’t necessarily outdated, it was very taste specific. Mixing in modern furnishings would have made everything feel much more neutral.

The sellers were quite attached to the way the house was currently presented. They loved the way the rooms were set up, and they treasured their decor & furnishings, so changing things up had never crossed their mind.

The moral of the story is, while it’s important to love the space you live in, once its for sale, it needs to appeal to your audience, not you. I know it’s hard, believe me, but letting your own preferences take priority could cost you money, or, worst yet, a sale.

Does your home have a feature or quirk that you don’t know how to “work with”? Could you use a hand seeing your space “through a buyer’s eyes”? Get in touch, we love helping sellers with these challenges!