Navigating The Inspection Contingency With Ease

By establishing realistic expectations, understanding how the inspection contingency works & how it's meant to protect you, you can navigate the inspection period with ease. 

The purpose of the inspection is to reveal major defects that you weren’t able to see when you viewed the home with your Realtor. 

In a competitive market, sellers often make few repairs when it comes to issues that pop up during the home inspection. With this in mind, it’s smart to have a general understanding of the issues that are common for the type & age of home you're shopping for. This will not only allow you to make offers with a bit more foresight, but also save you time, money & frustration down the road.

While it’s reasonable to ask the seller to cure large defects, again, the purpose of the inspection isn’t to get them to repair every small issue. You are simply ensuring that the house is what you thought it was. Unless you're buying a brand new home, you should expect to have some repair items on your own to-do list once the home is yours.

Do you know what the common issues that pop up during inspections are? Do you know which items you should you plan to take on as a homeowner, and which you should expect the seller to fix? If not, get in touch- we're happy to give you a primer on inspections & the inspection contingency itself.