Top 10 Tips To Win Offers

If you’re offering on a hot new listing in a strong seller's market, you must put your best foot forward. A hot seller’s market is not the time to negotiate a bargain. If your offer is one of several received (which is happening A LOT these days), chances are high that the seller will simply accept one off the bat rather than give anyone a second shot.

If the home you want has multiple offers, start with your highest & best offer. If the home just hit the market & you know it’s a great home at a great price, make your highest & best offer.

Writing your highest & best offer isn’t just about price though. Other ways to sweeten the pot include offering the seller a short term of free occupancy post closing, writing in an escalation clause or including an unbeatable inspection contingency. For more tips, check out  “Top 10 Tips To Win Offers “.

While homes are moving quickly, it's good to know when you need to view a home & write an offer ASAP, versus when time is on your side. Read more about how to determine the level of urgency a new listing presents here.