Snag A Deal This Winter

Winter is officially here & buyer competition is at its lowest for the year, so this is the time to scoop up a property at the lowest price. If 2018 is anything like the last couple years, I anticipate the spring market to start heating up early again (February) & prices start to increase for the year soon after.

Inventory should start to noticeably increase in April, so if you’re looking for a wider selection, you may find the spring market worth the wait & the higher price tag.

If you can look at homes through a creative lens & envision what they could be, now is the time to make an aggressive offer on a property that’s been on the market for a while. Most buyers today are generally willing to pay a premium for the “shiny penny”- the home that sparkles as if it just stepped out of HGTV Magazine, but if you’re open to something a little less polished, you’ll get a deal, especially in the winter months.

Are there homes you would like to see in person? Send us a list of addresses with MLS numbers & we can schedule private showings for you.