Save 17% On Your Home Purchase

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development has found that a staged home sells, on average, for 17% more money than an unstaged home. That means that buyers able to look past a home's poor presentation online or in person can save a lot of money at closing.

Many buyers rely too heavily on photos when deciding whether or not to view a home in person, which can be a big mistake. A house that doesn't look appealing in the photos could turn out to be a great property & vice versa, so keep an open mind when flipping through listings online.

Outdated decor or flooring, along with colors that don't "work" with the home's features can make it look like it needs a lot more work than it does. Modern decor, thoughtful furnishings/layouts along with colors that compliment the home's features can really transform the look & feel of a home.

The next time a drab home hits your inbox, look past the decor, lighting, color scheme & minor imperfections. Does it offer the space you’re looking for? Do you like the yard, layout & location? This is what we call “looking through your creative lens” & it’s exactly what savvy home buyers & flippers do to scoop up great deals.